Chinese IM usage

IM (Instant Messaging) usage in China has surprised me in many ways. Firstly, because it is widely used with the dominant player being Most students I have talked to don’t even have an MSN account. Secondly, most companies allow their employees to use it and all over the office can the pling from IM clients be heard. Thirdly, and related to the second reason, is that is is used for communication with clients and customers. Most people prefer it over using the phone. If you work in an ad agency this is the way to keep contact with journalists for example. When hiring people there is usually a cost involved for the applicant to travel to the interview which can be very far away, before resulting in recruitment being done in the area clsoe by. Today instead interviews are done all over China with QQ and a webcam. This is even often done in an open office using writing when discussing sensitive subjects such as terms and renumeration. A very time and cost effective way that shows how they in China always find useful ways to use new technologies.

The professional usage of IM is an example how the way we communicate has evolved from just being email and phone to utilizing many different tools for different purposes such as IM, sms, phone, microblogs, social networks and other applications to communicate, share and inform people around you.  Something companies probably should keep in mind when restricting access to what can be classified as time consuming non job related services.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on November 25, 2007.

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