Mobile update

With the latest developments in the mobile industry at least two companies should be mentioned:

The first one is Google with their announcement of the Android platform and the Open Handset Alliance. A by one critized and at the same time appreciated move that will continue on Apple’s path to reform the handset industry and create handsets aimed towards user experience. Exciting is how Google aims to do it in an open-source way.  Here is an interesting summary of what each member in the alliance might bring to the table (link).

The other company to mention is Nokia that recently has with several interesting announcements shown they are a force to count on in the evolving handset and mobile internet industry. The Internet Service brand Ovi was introduced that will and will pull Nokia Music Store, N-Gage, Nokia Maps, and all future Nokia services into a single suite of service offerings. A deal was signed with Vodafone to launch an integrated suite of Vodafone services combined with Nokia Ovi services on a range of Nokia handsets (source: Together with this we have a Nokia that really tries to go from a hardware company into one offering Services to mobile handset users. CEO Olli Pekka Kallasvuo has even decided to call Nokia an internet company (source:

Just found Nokia’s Betalabs ( that has several interesting applications that can be tried. A pity I have a Sony Ericsson 🙂 have tried Widsets though that newly “graduated” in true Google spirit.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on November 24, 2007.

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