Usage of Web 2.0 applications is becoming “more” mainstream in US

Recently released research done by Avenue A/Razorfish, the digital agency owned by Microsoft, shows that some Web 2.0 staples such as video sharing and personalized Web pages have gone mainstream. They surveyed 475 U.S. Internet users across all demographics in July which of course more shows the usage in the American market.

Nothing surprises me except that there are so few that never have used Flickr, as i interpret it as has they never have visited it as well. I would love to see a comparison with Europe and China. Mobile internet is a lot more used in China with a higher adoption. And compared to western countries which tend to focus on the mobile office; China, Korea and Japan focus more on mobile entertainment. Will try to come back to this subject later.

Below are some clippings from the article:

Web 2.0 Goes Mainstream Annotated

Mainstream Internet users are employing simple tools to personalize their Web experiences, though they are skipping some of the popular totems of Web 2.0, according to a newly released survey.some Web 2.0 staples such as video sharing and personalized Web pages have gone mainstream

The study found that some of the most recent advances in content sharing have uneven adoption.

59 percent said they never used sites like Flickr. A majority had never uploaded a video. About 65 percent said they never used tag clouds.

“They’re personalizing their digital experience and finding content relevant to them,” Schmitt said. “It’s not the same mainstream sources they’ve been getting it from for ages.”

Avenue A/Razorfish found online video has hit the mainstream, with two-thirds of respondents saying they regularly watched YouTube videos and 95 percent reporting they had watched an online video over the previous three months.

When it comes to mobile technologies, consumers still overwhelmingly use their phones mainly for voice communications.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on October 6, 2007.

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