Using online applications offline

Adobe Air is together with Google Gears offering solutions for offline access to online applications. Google through the browser and Adobe Air by standalone applications.  Google Reader is using Google Gear but doesn’t bring very much extra value despite that I often am offline and would like to use Google Reader. The reason is that you have to prepare going offline by going to Google Reader and then choose offline mode so it can download everything. Not very useful until it is done automatically. There is a rumour that Google is developing an offline Gmail client based on Google Gears and that will be fun to see.

A few applications exist built on Adobe Air. The one who has created the most buzz is Pownce. It has a great interface but since it all is Beta it is not 100%. But other cool applications are DiggTop that access and especially PeekAgenda. PeekAgenda is in itself not that very exciting since I don’t use backpack and its interface needs a face-lift but the whole idea to have this kind of applications for Basecamp, Gmail and Scrybe to mention a few would be great since it enables you to work with them offline and then automatically sync when getting online, all outside the browser. More samples can be found here.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on September 22, 2007.

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