A new alternative to Wikipedia on its way

A new project has been set up with the aim of taking Wikipedia‘s place as the web’s leading reference work.

Below are some annotations made with Diigo.com, a new tool I am trying out.

Web rivals plot the answer to Wikipedia – Times Online

By engaging expert editors, eliminating anonymous contribution and launching a more mature community under a new charter, a much broader and more influential group of people and institutions will be able to improve upon Wikipedia’s extremely useful, but often uneven work. The result will be not only enormous and free, but reliable.


“Gareth Leng, Professor of Experimental Physiology of the University of Edinburgh, has agreed to serve as a constable. “Public understanding of science needs scientists to help to explain, clearly and objectively, what science can do and what it can’t,” he said.”


It was proposed that the new project will begin life by “mirroring” – or reproducing – Wikipedia’s content, a process allowed under the site’s copyright conditions.


Citizendium’s expert editors will then “bless” versions of articles as “approved” or trustworthy.


The aim is to stamp out the anonymous and sometimes malicious edits that have undermined Wikipedia’s reputation.


Last month it emerged that many embarrassing Wikipedia entries had been edited by organisations mentioned in them. The Chinese Government erased information about China blocking Wikipedia inside its borders. The CIA tweaked entries on Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.


~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on September 8, 2007.

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