Online Usage Update

Synchronization – One of the most common reason for me to leave an application is the lack of synchronization between other applications. Don’t like to use an application that could be synced with others, and keeps me locked in. When it comes to CRM systems Highrise is great for its purpose. I have though been missing a good way to synchronize it with my Address Book, but I recently heard about a new application, Greatascent, that are to solve it! Its main features are:
– Integeration with Address Book, Mail, iCal and Safari
– Offline database so you can access your data anywhere
– Syncronization with iPods and iPhones or .Mac so you don’t need your computer any more to see today’s task list.

Highrise has released their API so I am surprised there aren’t more integrations and widgets for it yet.

Authentication – Recently I have noticed an increased use of OpenId, which is great. I have now started to use my MyOpenID for signing in to basecamp, highrise, gastus, ma.gnolia and plaxo.

A new function I discovered is registration, which means that you can register at a new site easily. You use for exampel your MyOpenID and it use the information you have entered in your profile there to register at the new site, and it works fine. Don’t know if it can keep your profile updated. If it could, it would be a great step towards profile centralisation.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Online Usage Update”

  1. Wtf. OpenID är ju Mindvalues största konkurrent..! 🙂

  2. Var väl det i er ursprungliga affärsplan i alla fall…

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