Monday review

A short review of interesting news and applications from last week.

First out are two video search engines. Don’t know I never heard about them before but I am not that much into videos. Both Blinkx and Pluggd are both very advanced engines that among many things incorporate speech recognition. this means that you can find a exactly where in video the keyword you are looking are mentioned.

Nokia has acquired Twango , a website on which people can organized and share their personal media, including photos, video and audio. Feels like Nokia is on the right way connecting web 2.0 services to their cellphones. But it is not that suprising Nokia is among the first to realise the user comes before the technology.

Blogpulse is an interesting service from Nielsen Buzzmetrics that measures what is happening in the blogsphere.

We are seeing a new generation of adult sites adopting to web 2.0. Surprisingly enough aren’t the adult industry not the first one to lead technology on the web anymore. A more detailed blogpost by Michael Arrington that seems to know more about it đŸ™‚

There is a fierce battle between Google and Baidu in China. China Web Update recently reported how Baidu released a safe search engines for kids “Baidu Kids” and have also launched a call-in search services powered by human operators.

“Harry Potter learns that Mysterious Man (Voldemort) is going to China to persuade his rival Yandomort to attack Harry as well as the Western magic world. Harry decides to find Chinese Porcelain Doll, who could beat Yandomort in China.” More information of this exciting Harry Potter book can only be found in China! Source New York Times

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 13, 2007.

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