A faster, smarter and pretty nice way to read news online

Newser is a news site that claims itself to deliver faster and smarter news. ” It is an online news service that scans Internet news sources and, using human and machine driven aggregation, delivers the best information in concise, efficient summaries, together with photos, video and audio and links to original stories.”

The front page is divided into nine squares that seems good for scanning and offer a graphic snapshot of the most important and most interesting news of the moment.

As many other sites today it is well designed and moving over an article link shows the article, while clicking on an article shows the text, pictures from it and related links and its original source.

If you create a profile you can also have a news digest emailed to you. The email is simple and easy to read which is good. *updated* I realised that you can also choose sections to get alerts from: “Get alerts for any story posted to the checked sections”. This means I got stories with my keywords as well as any story from the technology section. Not a bad function at all to be honest.

I have been back several times just to give it a quick look because it is simple and easy to get an overview compared to many other news sites. Of course you feel a little that you are missing all the other news, and in that case you can dig deeper into different categories.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 11, 2007.

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