Ranking and finding the best news and blog posts

aideRSS has launched an application that allows you to play around with your feeds. “AideRSS is an intelligent assistant that saves time and keeps you on top of the latest news. We research every story and filter out the noise, allowing you to focus on what matters most.”

After adding a feed aideRSS shows you from its ranking system how many posts that are good posts, great posts and the best posts depending on the number of comments, discussions and other factors. With these you then have three options:
– subscribe to the feed in the feed reader of your choice (for example only the posts ranked as “great posts” that represents 56% of Techcrunchs all posts to my Google Reader)
– add the feed of choice to your local feed reader at aideRSS
– share & use widgets for showing the best posts on your site (for example the posts ranked as “best posts” that represents 13% of Techcrunchs all posts)

The interface is clean and easy to use with several demo videos. They even have a function to create a daily e-mail digest based on your keywords.

The only thing I find is that I don’t want to leave Google Reader that is my only feed reader. But it could be a good idea to let feeds go through aideRSS and only get for example 80% of the posts that are ranked as good, especially from a website such as Slashdot that publish a lot of posts. But this is a complicated usage and I hope that Google Reader soon will add some functionality such as search, remove duplicate articles and also a ranking system. It is true though that subscribing to many feeds in Google Reader is a pain since you get so many posts to read. I will give aideRSS a short try to see if it can rival Google Reader with its ranking system and in that way add value to my feed reading, or if it really can work as a complement. Another thing I don’t like is the use of RSS in the name as it is a standard and not even the only standard since we also have Atom. Would have preferred something like aideFeeds instead.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 9, 2007.

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