Plaxo, LinkedIn and Facebook – the race has begun!

Who will manage to conquer both the personal and business network?

Facebook comes from the personal network and is taking more and more of its users professional as well. Plaxo comes from having your whole addressbook trying to create a network built on your aggregated content. The question is how many has anything of interest to share? LinkedIn has an impressive amount of users and each one has usually more on LinkedIn than on Facebook, but being so static users are now moving to Facebook.

Plaxo is the latest one to join the race and being beta it is a little slow on my mac using firefox but its pulse function looks good. I like that you easily can switch between different networks; everyone, business network, friends, family and me. You can add people as your connections and in that way you will be able to have content in the different networks since you decide what network your connection belongs to. In that way you dont have to share your personal blog to your business network and vice versa. Can still only see my own feeds on the “everyone” network so it is either that I am the only one trying it out or that it is only showing feeds from everyone of your Plaxo contacts public feeds, and not all Plaxo users, and that none of my Plaxo contacts is sharing anything yet..

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 7, 2007.

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