Organisations recommended to embrace key technologies within three areas for success

According to an article at Gartner says that Mobile, UIs and Web 2.0 can help organisations to transform their business. Gartner recommends organisations that want to be successful to keep an close eye on three areas:
– web 2.0
– user interfaces
– and mobile technologies

When it comes to interface innovations are both Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Surface good examples. has from a new Forrester Report found that IM is the most valuable web 2.0 tool for enterprises. According to Read/WriteWeb has the report found that other from IM, RSS and podcasting showed “the highest average business value”, while social networking and blogging showed the lowest. Apparently is RSS mostly being used in enterprises for corporate communications or content aggregation, while only one in three Forrester respondents uses RSS for external marketing purposes.

I agree that these technologies open up new possibilities for usage such as collaboration but I guess it is not an easy task today to introduce new applications since people want to focus on their job and not learn how to use something new. A company is taking a great risk not going with something mainstream. And if not everyone is the organisation is using it, it doesn’t fulfill its purpose. There is also a great number of companies over Europe that blocks everything that is not necessary for your work, such as IM, forums, communities, flickr etc. Of course not everything is needed and a lot of sites are time consuming such as youtube and shouldn’t be used during office time. But here in China IM is used as a business tool to communicate instead of phone, and both LinkedIn and Facebook is having a lot of value all over the world in creating and managing professional relations.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 7, 2007.

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