Creating mashups and applications online

Goole has just launched their Google Mashup Editor that are to work similar to Yahoo Pipes. It enables developers to make basic web applications and mashups quickly and are just as Yahoo Pipes aimed at developers. Yahoo Pipes has a good interface and just trying it briefly it has powerful features and opportunities. Just like that you can take in several news feeds and then remove the duplicates and create a new single news feed. I like the thought of being able to create mashups since there are so many content streams today. The ability to put them together and create some thing new that adds even more value is great. One more example is an old mashup that enables you to see where on Google Maps a picture at Flickr is taken.

Iceberg On Demand is a new web based platform for building, sharing and selling business applications. It comes with several free applications for HR, CRM, project management etc and you can build and configure your own apps using workflow, web services, calendars and other. The difference towards many application creating platforms is that no programming or coding will be required. It will be interesting to look at it when they go live and if it will be of use and interest for non developers.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 7, 2007.

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