Social tools and networks opening up?

Facebook is so popular, but is also starting to be criticized because all the content generated and shared inside is not accessible from outside. There are most likely few ordinary users caring about it since they have all their friends inside anyway, and it probably feels better than having it exposed to everyone on the web. But for serious content creators and sharers it is a problem.

Plaxo is addressing this and has been reported to work on an open social community. They have had a pulse application in their beta version but it is first today it appears to be really working and their open social community has gone live. It is just the concept I like were you are easily able to aggregate all your content and decide what level of privacy you want on it. But it will be tough for them to succeed with competitors as Facebook and LinkedIn targeting the same user base. I myself don’t feel comfortable inviting my friends to new applications and communities all the time, and few enjoy receiving invitation after invitation. But since you can make your aggregated content public maybe it has some future. At Plaxo you can now invite people in your address book to become connections, just like a community.

Regarding aggregation is here an example of what I use and the value facebook brings to me. I use delicious, flickr, pownce, twitter, google reader and wordpress. This means different sites for people to visit. This is where the beauty of Facebook comes in. It acts as an aggregator and allows me to share everything I generate (through applications) with my friends and inform them about new additions (in the news feed) and they have one place to find it all (my profile). And now Plaxo will offer the same opportunities, including sharing to the public. This will be interesting!

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 6, 2007.

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