Microblogging with Twitter and Pownce

First I started out with Twitter. It took me some time but then I got really hooked on it. I twitt on my computer with Twitterific and on my cellphone with jitter. It is fun to share small stuff of what you are doing and is pretty much like updating your status on Facebook, just a lot faster and easier. You also know that your friends will get what you are doing immediately (as long as they use Twitter!)

Pownce was released after Twitter and has been compared to Twitter as a beefed up version since you can send links, files and events. It is still a Beta so you need an invitation and there is yet no open API (according to their blog it is coming very soon).

Last week I decided to start inviting more “mainstream friends” in Shanghai. Feels like there are more value if you have friends in the same city on it, as it is of little interest for my friends in Sweden to know what I am doing since they cannot act on it. The application I chose to invite people to was Pownce, mainly due to its ability to group people in sets. This means I can broadcast messages and share stuff to groups of people instead of everyone on my list as with Twitter. A great feature that makes it useful in companies as well. But I didn’t took long until I realised it is more fun to use Twitter for sharing what you are doing. The AIR application for Pownce is buggy and not working well, and there is no client for your cellphone. So I ended up inviting people to Pownce but using Twitter….

I am happy to get more friends on both Twitter and Pownce so feel free to add me and share a short sentence of who you are.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 30, 2007.

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