Facebook as a platform for applications and viral marketing

After using Facebook some time now, I have become fascinated by its possibilities. Today I added a wordpress application that allows me to show all my blog posts on my page, as well as writing new posts from within facebook. Will see if this post will show up in the news feed as well on my page becuse that would be very useful.

A few days ago I also added the Google Reader application. This one shows your shared articles, as well as showing you the top shared ones by Facebook users. A lot like Digg!

Another functionality in Facebook is the ability to update your status, just like Twitter it tells all your friends what you are doing now in the news feed. A functionality that among my friends is very popular, but I don’t no anyone using Twitter.

For application developers Facebook offer so many good things. You are able to plug into a large user base, and as soon you get someone to start using it, that person’s friends will know about it through the news feed and it will spread.

Facebook has really started to show the strength of open APIs, what can be done and what win-win situations that can be created.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 20, 2007.

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