CNN going “web 2.0″

To start with, I don’t really like the term Web 2.0, first it was hyped and now it has become so natural so you kind of have to use it for explaining somethings. Well, back to the story..

CNN recently launched a new look and feel for their website, and it is good. The front page is in two columns, the left one shows latest news, podcasts, blogs, local weather and news; the right one shows videos, TV, market information, voting, and reporting where you can send, share and see your own stories. In each category you also have a mix of news, blogs and videos.

The site is clean and fresh for being a news site that usually feels a little too overcrowded. One thing I missed was the ability to comment on articles. Couldn’t find it. While reading an article you see the most popular ones, related video, as well as blog discussing the same topic. It was a good exerience reading an article that you don’t really get using for example google reader.

It is great to see how even “traditional” newspapers adapt and take advantage of all the medias available and I like how CNN manage to link them together under the same topic.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 19, 2007.

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