mySkitch – A cool and fun way to share and edit photos

I having been playing around with mySkitch and Skitch on my Powerbook and are impressed by it. It is a very fun way to quickly and simply edit and share pictures. The interface is clean and very informative. Like the fact that you get extra information in a tasteful way when you mouseover a button. The interface is all very apple 🙂

There are several intelligent solutions such as being able to just drag the changed picture directly from the software to Mail, desktop, IM client, or update it to your myskitch page from where you can easy choose between different URLs to share the picture on other places. It is also fully integrated with iPhoto so inside Skitch you can see all iPhoto pictures and start editing and sharing it.

The editing is though very limited and its mostly for sharing screen shots or pictures for fun. You usually add text, squares or arrows to the picture to point something out or comment. Example of it here

Its still a beta and an invitation is required to use it. Send me a message and I can share some of my invitations if you are interested. Read more about mySkitch here.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 18, 2007.

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