Virtual Life = Virtual Time?

Virtual worlds such as Second Life and Entropia have probably influenced real people’s lives far greater than most people could have imagined.

I have watched the growth of Second Life from the sideline for some time, mainly due to a lack of time being active myself. I recently became more active with my virtual ego Andreas Spinotti (don’t remember why but when I joined a long time ago I had a couple of surnames to choose between). The first thing I did was to visit the Swedish Embassy. A beautiful building and the whole island streamed Swedish news in English and videos were shown on the walls inside. In the reception a girl was working. When I talked to her I found out she was working for the Swedish Institute in Stockholm and one of her tasks was to answer questions from people visiting the island.

Just a few days ago I read an article in News Views Reviews about a new venture between the Swedish company behind Entropia and the Chinese CRD, an offshoot of Beijing Municipality. They will build a virtual universe able to handle seven million people simultaneously and hope to create 10 000 new jobs in China. They even hope to decrease the amount of pollution generated from travel because people will be able to work from home.

Second Life is already an economy with a daily real-life turnover of US$600,000 and it has created around 6 000 full-time jobs. The online game World of Warcraft has created opportunities for companies that employs “gold diggers”, and their treasures are later sold online.

I am fascinated how people manage to have two lives, one virtual and one real, as I myself barely have time to live my real life. Time is certainly a problem, but imagine if you could program your virtual self to be independent, intelligent and act after your values and goals. In that way you would just have to check in once a while, see how it is going and harvest the fruits from it 🙂

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on June 29, 2007.

One Response to “Virtual Life = Virtual Time?”

  1. The Swedish Embassy, Second Sweden, is a wonderful creation in SL and I believe the receptionist/greeter is paid for her services. Compare that with the team of librarians on Info Island who are available to answer reference and other SL-related queries. They are all dedicated volunteers who are trying to promote libraries and the wonderful services they offer in both SL and RL.

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