Twitter, twitter

No one can have avoided to hear about Twitter and microblogging. It has taken me a while and a lot of reading to understand why to use it and to start using it. For me there where mainly two thresholds, how to “twitt” in a convenient way and no friends using it.

I solved the first by finding three applications. Twitterrific that enables me to post and read updates directly from my desktop in a nice interface. The second one is a dashboard widget just called twitter (it hasn’t been working though but I like to use the dashboard). The third one is Jitter, a Java Client for the cell phone. It enables posts and updates through wap instead of SMS.

The value of Twitter as I try to see it is when you have many friends using it in the same area. It is a little like looking at what people write on the msn nick name, but it becomes more like a chat room and microblog. So what I am doing now is convincing one friend at a time to give it a try. So right now we are two “early adopters” sharing what we are doing.

Other cool add-ons are Twitter Tools that makes it possible to post all twitts to a blog like wordpress. I have some serious problems playing around and even updating my blog right now from China. So I am looking for a way to solve it, maybe by getting a server in china. We will see.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on June 28, 2007.

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