iPhone of course

The iPhone, everyone else is mentioning it so why shouldn’t I 🙂

Yesterday I read three of the first reviews of the iPhone. Everyone is praising it and the new user experience it is offering. The facts that it miss some very common features are interesting enough not that a big deal since it is so innovative on other parts. I would very much like to have one but I am not gonna buy one. First it is to expensive, secondly, why should I run after everyone else? This is probably only the first step we will see in a new approach to handheld devices and HTC released their new handset even before Apple with a new similar touch interface. I am sure we will see many more cool products this year. This being said, I myself use an Apple Powerbook, iPod and have an Apple theme on my Sony Ericsson K800i 🙂

All the hype around the iPhone is amazing. The amount of articles, the rumors, and all the iPhone themes already launched for other products. I remember shortly after Jobs press conference that a lot of widgets were available, and the only thing they did was counting down until the iPhone’s launch. At a party this Saturday I saw a guy having a complete iPhone theme with icons and everything on his Motorola phone, and the new Opera Mini browser offers the same browsing experience as the iPhone. So just the press release of the iPhone a couple of months back initiated so many other products and services, so the iPhone will have an impact far greater than just being a cool product that everyone wants.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on June 28, 2007.

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