Google Reader Offline and Google Gears

Finally! During Google’s first worldwide Developer Day, Google Gears were launched, an open source technology for building Web applications that can work offline. This year has been exciting with a lot of new technologies revealed and this one is one of my favorites and that immidiately affects me. Having written about off line access before and the Dojo Toolkit that aimed at making Gmail accessible offline, this is just what I have been waiting for. Recently several technologies have been launched, including the Apollo tool from Adobe and the Silverlight technology from Microsoft, that aim to make improve the experience on the client side of an application. What appears to be different is that Google Gears only requires a browser compared to Apollo and Silverlight that needs to be installed on the desktop or media player. To demonstrate it Google has made Google Reader available offline. At on the rop right corner next to settings are now “Offline”. This feature enables you to read your 2000 most recent items even when your computer is not connected to the internet. To use the offline features of Google Reader, you will need to install the Google Gears plug-in for your browser.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on May 31, 2007.

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