User-adaptation in China

One thing I like with China is that it never stops inspire me. One example is its ability to adapt to new technologies and services. In Taiwan they had around 10 million gasoline scoters a few years ago. They have been a large manufacturer so it is not unexpected that they started to use scooters after bicycles. In China they also use scooters, but being after Taiwan they pretty much skipped gasoline and went straight for the electrical ones. Streets are filled with these silent machines that threat to hit you as soon as you take a side-step. I drove one myself last weekend. It made 35 km/hour, could carry two people and cost 1800 RMB. Another example is the post I made earlier about China Mobile. How innovative and fast they are to realize the need of content and services, and therefore have made special offerings to farmers in rural areas to make them buy phones. China launches its own 3G network and till the Olympics they are planning to deploy a home-grown WiMax technology. is a webservice within permission-based marketing that with its user base shows the possibilities in China within in marketing.

I believe we will see an exciting development in China when it comes to technology and user-adaptation.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on May 17, 2007.

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