A few interesting news

Going through my pile of news letters and RSS feeds, I collected some interesting news.

A swedish replica of Youtube has proven successful in Sweden with now over one million visitors. We have several successful examples of national replicas of international sites. It shows that you don´t have to be first with an idea, you just have to be first to copy it to a new market, or copy it and do it better. For people interested in new business ideas I can recommend springwise.com where people share their findings of business ideas all over the globe. Here you can find many innovative ideas to be “inspired” by.

Yahoo Mail is now offering infinitive storage.

What decides a company’s nationality? In many cases media is satisfied if one of its founders are Swedish. Examples of this are Skype and Joost that have figured in media lately. That the other co-founder were danish and the company was registered and started in another country didn’t matter. Maybe it is time to accept that we have a new kind of companies without a real nationality. Is the nationality really that important? Companies such as Volvo Cars and ABB are not Swedish anymore even if most people prefer to think about them as so.

Apple TV Already Being Hacked
There was a lot of buzz before and after it was released. It didn’t take long time until complete guides of how to hack it was possible to find online. Is it a bad thing it can be hacked? Many very successful consumer products became famous just because people could hack them and play with them. Ipod is such example. Just remember how Palm in the beginning was to prefer because there were a lot more free software to find.

Many Americans Still Don’t Have Home Net Access
29 percent of U.S. households, or 31 million homes, do not have Internet access. This is interesting in many ways. Firstly from a productivity perspective. According to the article 14 percent of those who do not subscribe answered: “I do all my e-commerce shopping and YouTube-watching at work”. The other is that there are so many households without access from a technology adoption point of view. The main reason potential customers say they do not subscribe to the Internet is because of the low value to their daily lives they perceive rather than concerns over cost.

PRC 2nd-largest consumer market by 2015
According to a report from Credit Suisse China may become the world’s second-largest consumer market by 2015. Its share of world spending may increase from 5.4% last year to 14.1% by 2015.

Turbo3G, or HSDPA, proves successful
The Swedish operator Tre, part of Hutchinson’s 3, has reported that for the second month in a row a modem tops it list of best-sellers. Tre recently launched HSDPA in Sweden and it has apparently been successful.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on April 3, 2007.

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