Wireless Convergence

An article today at BusinessWeek.com, A mobile Gizmo with Ginza info, talked about a pilotproject i Tokyo. What the project was all about is to address the need of finding information when at physcial places. Today with cell phones you are able to go online and find information but you have to search for it and it might take some time and cost money. This project positions out small wireless chips so when standing in front of that statue you don’t know anything about your wirelss device will pick up the information from that short-range wireless chip.

This is something that I think would be really cool from for example a tourist perspective. In museums you can often borrow listening devices and when standing in front of that nice looking painting it says that you should listen to track 11 to hear its story. Imagine instead of just being 2 metres from it it would automatically offer you to listen to the information. And then in a wider vision you can offer tourist in a city the same service when walking around, add it to restaurants in China were people cannot read the sign of the restaurant, to that old famous shop, to the statue, to that generously donated famous tree and so on. And then shops could post advertisements so when walking past a shop you will get information of their latest special offers.

It is absolutely an interesting concept. In the article they do show some problems and that could be information overload but also interference with other wireless broadcasts. So in some way we are back were Google started, a need to find the right information, and the problem today is that there is too much information. But it also offers something that is not working well today, a connection between physical and virtual objects. Solutions that helps you find “virtual” information for physical objects quick and easy can be very attractive.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on March 14, 2007.

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