Mobile Services in rural China

We might have forgotten what cell phones do to our daily life, but there are still proofs to be found.

An old article I had saved about China Mobile talks about just that. China Mobile is the largest carrier with over 300 million customers in China.  An article in BusinessWeek talked about how they continue to attract new customers by digging in the rural parts of China. And it was amazing to read about the financial difference it made to a small village close to Tibet when they got cell phones. They could earn money by growing more strategic products and could be in contact with potential tourists that wants to go there among many things. China Mobile also has understood the need of different user groups and delivers custom made services to farmers such as text messages with information about crop prices etc. Maybe something to learn for western carriers that just prefer to roll out new technologies?

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on March 14, 2007.

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