The China Opportunity

Last week I went to a Young Professional event arranged by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. It was fun to meet all the young Swedes in Shanghai and most of them had one thing i common; they had taken the chance to go to Shanghai and find a job. I can imagine the climate has changed a lot the latest couple of years. Today you can get a return ticket without stop from Sweden to Shanghai for about 6500 RMB and you have your family and friends just a cheap phone call away. Many at the event were students studying Chinese and others ran their own business.

My impression was that a lot of the people that have taken the risk to go to Shanghai are entrepreneurs. They are not afraid of the risk it involves and they try make money by starting up own business, such as selling clothes on E-bay and other clever things.

It was inspiring to see all these people and that they managed to get around, that they got money coming in and enjoyed their life.

Life in Shanghai is a little different. You can easily meet a lot of people and most are very friendly and are happy to help you, chinese as well as foreigners. I have until now lived in Suzhou, an hour outside Shanghai but am looking for an apartment in Shanghai. Well not really looking but if I hear of happens to find any I would like to have it 🙂

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on March 12, 2007.

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