It really feels great being back in China. The energy that exists here, the will Chinese people shows that everything can be done, it is just inspiring.

To share some of the experience I have a few pictures.

This picture is form Suzhou Industrial Park. We went to an area with restaurants. I was so amazed coming into the centre of the park since it was like a its own city. Large buildings and big roads everywhere. What you do realize after a while is that there are almost no people. It feels very deserted..And the food at the restaurant was no good at all.


Here is a picture I took just outside the subway exit. It is on Peoples Square in Shanghai and much more central is hard to be. The subway station is enormous and it takes a while to find both your way in and out.

Peoples Square

A picture I took while walking out from Starbucks at a big shopping mall. What I like is the mix of buildings, old english and the new skyscrapes.

Nanjing road

Just behind me when I took the previus photo where people dancing and a crowd around them. This around 17.00 on a wednesday.

Dancing on Nanjing Rd

Arriving the same day at the train station in Suzhou, 1,5 hour away from Shanghai, I am met by a crowd of people. Every time I come back from Shanghai it is always crowded so I guess there are a lot of people travelling around with train.

Suzhou Train Station

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on March 8, 2007.

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