An introduction to my arrival in China

Well, going from a cold and snowy Sweden to Shanghai sounds pretty good. The climate was a positive changr, about 15 degress made it feel like spring or summer in Sweden. The bad change (that I have forgotten since my stay in Taiwan) was that it is a lot colder indoor. People wear their thick jackets in their houses, on streets and in restaurants. I don’t freeze outdoor but indoor I freeze a lot.

I usually take a taxi in Suzhou but today I took the local bus. A taxi would cost about 10 RMB (same amount in Swedish kronor and not expensive) , but the bus had two different prices depending on if it has aircon or not. The bus with aircon is the most expensive, the double price, so instead of 1 RMB it costs 2 RMB 🙂

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on March 1, 2007.

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