Merry Christmas! God Jul!

Christmas morning is something special. I have a lot of memories from being a kid, running up in the morning, anxious to get new toys. My family celebrated christmas a little different. In the morning around 0700 we all got together at my grandmothers place. There we waited for santa claus to arrive. Around 0730 he came walking down the road, took his place in the middle of the room and started to distribute christmas presents. When everyone had gotten their presents we sat down and ate christmas porridge. When done everyone went back home to their place. At home as a child you immediately started to play with your new toys. Around lunchtime we headed back to my grandmothers, this time for christmas food, and that was all the different kinds of food you can imagine. Eating food and candy we of course also watched the famous Christmas Donald Duck. Barely being able to move everyone headed back home once again, rested for a couple of hours and then we either gathered at my aunts place or at our place. My mum and aunt took turns in making the dinner, lutfisk, a kind of dried fish that is put into water and then served with potatoes, sauce and pepper. This dinner lasted for the whole evening.
Looking back at it now it seems to have been a lot of travelling back and forth, but it was great. Christmas eve was never boring. We met the whole family and when everyone had left in the evening we all feel to sleep immediately. Today we don’t celebrated like this. The latest 8 years or so, everyone is celebrating on their own, mostly due to my grandmother getting to old to arrange it. Instead my older sister with her large family (one husband, five kids and one dog) is coming today so we are kind of starting all over again.
Wish you all a great Christmas holiday!

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on December 24, 2006.

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