Businessplan in 24 hours

I have realised that you as an entrepreneur often has to challenge built-in limits. Such as how much sleep you need and what you are able to do within a short amount of time. An example of this is last week, when we had to re-write our businessplan.

The businessplan is a great and important tool in a startup, it helps you to put down your thoughts on paper and where put down all the evidence to convince others that your idea is great.

Last week we got a call from an organisation that offers subsidiaries to startups. He wanted our businessplan before lunch the day after, more exactly within 24 hours.

Working hard the business idea tends to change and what you started out with is not always what you end up with in the end. This was what had happend to our businessplan. We wrote it in may and during the summer we just worked on and forgot to update it. So when asked to send it we realised it was not at all up to date so we decided to re-write it. We were three people that stayed in the office all night and re-wrote it. The strange thing is that it is often very fun when you get challenges like this and stretch your limits, such as working for 30 hours. I would lie if I said it didn’t affect me. After coming home around 1pm I fell asleep and woke up 18 hours later.

What I learned is that is better to plan and be prepared for unexpected situations, but also that you cannot be prepared for everything but are able to handle most things if you just put down some effort. There is nothing that is impossible, it just needs a little more effort.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on October 8, 2006.

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