@ndreas.net meets: Rasmus Jostrup

The interviews with Swedish entrepreneurs continue..
Who are you?
My name is Rasmus Jostrup and I am a student at Gothenburg International Bioscience Business School (GIBBS) where I am finishing a degree in bioscience entrepreneurship. I am running a start-up called Hyron BioMedical, a veterinary drug development project.

Why did you join GIBBS?
The program is multi-disciplinary, combining bioscience, business, intellectual property and management in a unique way. Working in the combination of these fields provides an opportunity to have great impact, both from a scientific and a societal point of view. GIBBS is also a great way to get real-life experience from start-ups.

What is entrepreneurship for you and what is it in it that attracts you?
Entrepreneurship is about creating, exploring and developing new structures. For me, entrepreneurship is more in people’s minds and attitudes than in what job they have. I like it because things are constantly changing which assures that the work is never dull. I also get to meet lots of driven, competent people who take genuine interest in what they do, which creates a stimulating environment for me.

How is your venture going?
Hyron is developing a new treatment for a common joint disease, osteoarthritis, in horses. During the last few of months we have successfully synthesized test substances that are currently being tested in a laboratory at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. As soon as we have positive indications from the laboratory tests we will move on to clinical trials in horses.

What have you learnt from starting up ventures?
It is essential to constantly adapt to the ever-changing environment. Despite changing circumstances you have to stay focused on what you want to accomplish. Persistence and determination are key traits.

Do you feel that there is something that should have been done differently?
Some things could have been done more efficiently, but the beginning of a start-up is basically an experimental process. It is nearly impossible to know the right path at the very start.

What is your future goal?
Right now, the main goal is to build Hyron to a successful company. In the longer run, I am interested in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the interface of biotech and pharma. There is enormous potential in biotechnology and over the next decades it will transform society in many positive ways. I hope to be a part of that.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on September 21, 2006.

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