Customer Care – a Philips case

When you travel a lot or run a bike, you really should invest in pair of good ear phones. I spend around $50 for a pair of noise cancelling head phones. I bougt my Philips HN060 In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones, less than a year ago. The sad thing is that I haven’t been able to use them for the last six months. What happened? Well I lost one of the small tiny earpieces, and after spending time looking around in stores in Gothenburg, airport in Helsinki and Shanghai, as well as stores in Shanghai, I finally gave up and sent an email to Philips Customer Care. Well I got the answer they don’t have any spares to sell and don’t manufacture any either, so sorry. I sent an e-mail again and explained how disappointed I was and got the same answer back, but with the addition that there is no warranty on earpieces so I cannot put in a claim for them, which I told them I wanted since they were useless for me now. It’s sad it should be like this. I guess it could be an attempt to enter a new market, launch a model and we are in. But what happens to the customer experience if you cannot offer the whole value chain, with the service the customer expect after the transaction. He will be disappointed and that might affect the whole picture of the company, as in my case. Maybe silly but many small things finally adds up into a big serious thing. My lessons from this if you want earphones of this kind? make sure they have spares of earpieces to buy.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 30, 2006.

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