TV, no good for advertisment anymore?

Sometimes when I get home in the evening, I sit down with my dinner in front of the TV. Its seldom anything watchable so I usually ends up reading old Donald Ducks instead. Complaining to my friend today about the lack of anything good on television, I was struck by an article I read a while ago. I believe it was Internetworld that wrote about how hard it is to reach young people today by traditional medias such as TV. The easy answer is that they spend more time in front of their computers using instant messengers and communities to talk with their friends, or watch and share clips with others at websites such as Youtube. Thinking about how the use of Internet has changed, I realise TV hasn’t changed a bit in Sweden. In a pathetic attempt to attract viewers all channels instead launched different reality shows as if thats what people want to watch. Clearly, what at least I want, is video on demand, the ability to choose what I want to watch, when I want, and not be stucked with what’s on TV. Youtube has successfully showed that people willingly watch ads and even share them with their friends. This is something unique and maybe hard to implement into ordinary advertisement, but its a phenomena that should be taken into consideration. Well, these are my opinions after a quick analyses of the situation. Feel free to share your opinion.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 29, 2006.

One Response to “TV, no good for advertisment anymore?”

  1. It’s true, video and TV on demand is booming.
    YouTube is a good example of the user behavior but there are other interesting indicators as well.

    People with TiVo, who effectively escapes TV commercials, have discovered a suprising use of TiVo
    For example when preparing to shop for a car they program their TiVo’s to record car commercials. Then they view them in a concentrated effort in order to gather information at their own terms and at their own time of chosing.

    And of course big newspapers are launching webTV. TV-channels are launching webTV and niches all over are discovering that anybody can start a TV-channel on the web now.

    And with RSS feeds we can keep track of everything. 🙂

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