What makes an Internet startup fail, Google or the business model?

I can imagine how software companies did their best to keep their business models away from Microsoft’s. Today Google has taken their place and offers both the power of a multi-billion dollar company as well as the energy of a startup. Kiko is a Google Calendar competitor who now is on sale on Ebay for a starting bid of $50 000. Kiko is a really web 2.0 startup that offers a free online calendar with AJAX, written in Ruby On Rails and funded by Y Combinator.
Onstartups.com took up and presented this week, based on Kiko, “5 Lessons From The Death Of A Web 2.0 Startup”:
– Google Is The New Microsoft:
– Be Realistic
– Factor In A Plan “B”
– Even With Web 2.0, Popularity Won’t Save You
– Hindsight 2.0 Is Still 20/20

Yesterday Richard White, a member of the Kiko team, posted an article about Actual Lessons from Kiko. What Richard learned during his Web 2.0 voyage are:
– Stay focused
– Release early, but not too early
– Too many features killed the cat
– You must have a plan for escaping the Technosphere
According to Richard in is blog post, it was not Google who killed Kiko: “it was more we had lost our spark and were letting our users down by not improving the product the way we should have. We felt it best to move on to other ventures rather than try and drag this one along even further.”

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 19, 2006.

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