Tasks of an entrepreneur – from my point of view

Well, the word entrepreneur almost says itself. Yesterday I was working with how to communicate what our company do, in a marketing and sales perspective. Today I have been investigation intellectual properties of another company to see how it might affect us.

We are two people managing the startup, three programmers and one designer. Another programmer will join us next week and in September we will have a female doing her master thesis within intellectual capital management. Sometimes I become a little jelous of our programmers that are very good in the specific task they have, programming. Me and my partner Robert haven’t been able to create distinct roles between us except CEO and not CEO. Robert is the CEO and is the one that has to stand in front of the board, of which I am a member. So except these tasks we are working within most different areas such as sales, marketing, IP and whatever that has to be done. I cannot say that I am a pro in any of them but as I work with them I develop and it is a lot more fun to do it in reality than in school.

Not having distinct roles is of course not good in the long term so we will work to find roles that fits us. It will make it easier to focus into a few specific areas and be able to develop more skills within them.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 16, 2006.

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