Generations of gadgets and their substitutes

Today I started to think about all the different devices I have had and still use daily. It all started when I helped my dad to buy the new Sony Ericsson K800i. A great cellphone with a 3,2 megapixel cybershot camera. I realised that I myself carry around a HP HW6515 PDAphone with built-in gps, a 20 gigbyte Ipod and a Canon ixus i. My dad gets pretty much the same functionality in his small cellphone.

I tried to find all my old devices, put them next to each other and took the photo below. There are some blank spots from devices that have disappeared in one way or another. I got into PDAs with my first Palm IIIe. After that I went on to the thinner Sony PEG, a great PDA that had its display broken twice! The last time was the same day I went to Taiwan for a year and I never fixed it. In Taiwan I bought a HP 4150. A thin nice PDA with built-in Wifi, and my last one is the HP HW6515.

I recently got a PSP but haven’t started to use it due to lack of memory card. When it was released it was supposed to rival the Ipod but i doubt it will do that for me. Anyway, I am still considering if I should go for a K800i and put my HP HW6515, Canon ixus i, and maybe even my ipod to rest. They are each one better than the K800i on its specific function but the K800i has it all in a small package and is pretty good at it as well. gadgets

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 13, 2006.

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