The best business opportunities right now

What about building a WiFi network in Brazil or buying a coffe plantage in Rwanda?Business 2.0 has listed the 12 most attractive business opportunities at the moment. It covers 12 very different ideas in ten different countries. It is also published in Swedish at

1. Build cheap Wi-Fi network for Brazilian touristspots.
Investment: <75 000 USD
Risk: Medium

Brazil is a large country so it is not profitable to cover the whole country. Touristplaces are despite its luxury still depending on dialup modems. A network covering all luxury hotels would most likely be rewarding.

2. Bio-diesel in Argentina
Investment: 750 00 – 3 500 00 USD
Risk: High

According to analysts the market for bio diesel will be trippled before 2015. Bio diesel is made from crops such as rape and soybean, and in Argentina land and labour is cheap.

3. Create an ad-network for the mobile market in India
Investment: 75 000 – 350 000 USD
Risk: High

In India more and more mobile content is delivered through cell phones, and today it is almost free of ads. A small application to do this enables ads to reach several hundred millions of people.

4. An exclusive web-network for russian millionairs.
Investment: 35 000 – 70 000 USD
Risk: High

Russia is becoming full of oil millionairs and imitated web services. But there is still no meeting place on the net where they can meet and chat, watch each others pictures and sell stuff to each other. It as potential to be a very interesting market for advertisement.

5. Start an american restaurant in a medium large Chinese city
Investment: 50 000 – 100 000 USD
Risk: High

According to Business Magazine Chinese people eat a lot of western food, and the food served is often of very bad quality. Especially outside Beijing and Shanghai. So there should be a possibility to go for american panncakes, bagels, tasty hamburgers in a medium large city (about 1-5 million inhabitants). My own opinion on this is that not even McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken can do business the same way the do in the west. They have broaden their offering with chinese style food such as rice and other stuff, and on my visits I have noticed that people don’t want to hamburgers in McDonalds in the same amount as in the west.

6. Furnish chinese homes
Investment: 350 000 – 700 000 USD
Risk: High

There is a shortage of designers and decorators. Chinese people are becoming more interested in designing their homes. Western style is of course also very popular. My own opinion is that Scandinavian design is popular, and both Danish and Swedish companies are present. That people are getting more interested in design is one of the reasons behind Ikea’s success.

7. Gold digging in Bolivia
Investment: 75 000 – 350 000 USD
Risk: High

Gold prices are high and even small mines are profitable. Bolivia is one of the less exploated countries and it is both possible to buy existing mines from farmers or find your own with some help.

8. Export future wines from Greece
Investment: <75 000 USD
Risk: High

Those who invested in mediocre wines in Argentina, New Zealand and Chile 20 years ago are today earning large amounts of money. Maybe the same can be done with Greek wine. Greece’s wine export is increasing and the quality is improving fast, but it has bad reputation. The right kind of marketing could change this.

9. Importing wines to India
Investment: <75 000 USD
Risk: Low

Fine wines are hard to get your hands on in India. But the growing middle class is requesting it. Analysts believe it will be tenfolded the coming years but there is no real import. Just as when the americans started to drink wine, it is white and fruity sorts that are most requested, especially from California or Australia.

10. Export gourmet coffee from Rwanda
Investment: <100 000 USD
Risk: High

Rwanda has a modern coffeee industry and its gourmet coffee is one of the worlds best. The demand is high, especially from Starbucks, but the production is low. There are good opportunities to own both a plantage as well as a roastery. Margins are good and payback time can be short if successful.

11. Social entrepreneurship
Investment: <75 000 USD
Risk: High

A cookie company in South Africa lets women from poor areas bake cookies with a good salary to luxury hotels and restaurants.

12. Invest in Libya
Investment: varies
Risk: High

Libya is now open for foreign investors after many years of isolation. The land has a 1 700 km long unexploited coast and is expected to have one million tourists in ten years. All sectors are growing rapidly. Entering now gives an opportunity to be the first.

This were the 12 business opportunities listed. More detailed information can be found at Business 2.0. I am myself very interested in China since I have travelled there a few times. But areas such as the Balkans and Libya sounds like challenging and interesting areas to invest in. I think I will come back to the adaption that western chains has to do when they establish themselves abroad. I believe McDonalds is a good example of this looking at how they got established in the middle east and in China.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 4, 2006.

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