Make your own interactive site – without programming

I mentioned mashups in an earlier post. How you integrate different popular services such as Flickr, delicious and googlemaps to create your own interactive website.
Cnet News published recently an article about web development and mashups: The do it yourself Web emerges.

What it talks about is that there is a do-it-yourself revolution. There have been simple services enabling you to make a hompage. Open source tools to make communtities and webshops in an easy way still require some knowledge of databases and php. But when you make it so simple that you don’t need that knowledge to create interactive websites instead of old static ones, then you have a revolution.

A beta service is Sampa Corpthat lets you create interactive websites with content from YouTube, Flickr and Amazon.

Zoho Creator is another that helps you create web applications on your own. You can even look at others and copy them.

In the article they also mention a common problem among many web 2.0 companies, the business model. Most companies relies on ad revenues.

Its interesting that most users still don’t want to pay for services. Is it because there are so many? When it comes to revenue, ads has together with Google Adsense found new energy. Advertising on Internet is increasing by a simple reason, thats where most target groups spends most of their time, not in front of the TV or reading traditional news papers. I am looking forward to see more innovative marketing services on the web, and I guess most of it is spelled “permission-based”.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on August 3, 2006.

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