For how long can a good trademark be missused?

Missused is maybe a strong word but I started to think about this while drinking an espresso this morning. Trademarks are often loaded with something. An espressobar in Gothenburg got famous for their espresso. The owner was the barista and made the esperesso in person. Its reputation grow and the small espressobar was soon one of the best in town. What happened then was that other people came in to help him to handle the growing customer base. The handicraft was not anymore in focus, instead it was just the name and all they had to do was to serve mediocre espresso.

I guess this has to do with growth and most commpanies face similair questions: how can we grow and keep the same quality and relationship to the customer?

Sitting here a saturday morning the quick and only answer I can think of is slow or fast growth. Growing fast means that you have to neglect something while you short-term satisfy your owners. Slow growth means less revenues but maybe a more long-term success and stronger brand. Please feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences.. Now I will go to my part-time job as indoor seller and sell cellphones.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 29, 2006.

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