Internet evolution

and the evolution continues. The blog BetaAlfa discusses an article from Washington post talking about how Google and Yahoo takes the lead in adapting the web for mobile devices.

With more and more digital devices with big screens and supporting GPRS, 3G or Wifi, most people are connected to Internet large parts of their day, or can be if they just know how to. But screens are still too small and the web content not made to be displayed on small screens.

When Wap was released in Sweden I tried Yahoo’s wap portal with my old Ericsson cellphone. It worked well but already then I thought the screen was too tiny. After having had my first Palm I became dependent on large screens to view my calendar and adress book, but it is a lot to carry because you need a cellphone as well. Now with these new cellphones with wifi and large screens its just the content we are waiting for to be adapted. I use myself a HP HW6515, its a pleasant device but lacks wifi and its phone function is not 100%. I dont’t use it to surf the web. Not really because it looks strange, more because it is so expensive to do it by GPRS. So the price is also something that has to change. Telecom companies have a great challenge to keep up with all the changes, especially now with Voice over IP and Wifi. We will probably see more companies offering combined subscriptions with Wifi and 3G data

Many new IT projects in Sweden focus on just mobile content, developing plattforms to display content on mobile devices. A swedish entrepreneur started Kenet Works that does just this. Together with the community Playahead they released Playmobile, a community for your cellphone.

Being in an Internet startup myself, I am thrilled by the development and opportunities. The young that grows up today and does programming just for fun, have so many opportunities to become Internet entrepreneurs. Especially because it is so easy and cheap to start a business on Internet. But we also have Google, and as large as they are and might become, they are a threat to almost all different businesses.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 26, 2006.

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