Businessmodels in a changing world

The possibilities Internet offer has in many ways revolutionized the way to make busienss for many. Webshops can be put online and suddenly you can reach a lot more customers. This is what I call innovation. Use a new technology to make business in a new way.

So why is there still a discussion about mp3 and downloading of movies. Internet offers a fantastic opportunity for more people to buy music and movies. Stealing is of course bad, but Itunes showed clearly that if there is a simple way to pay for it online people will. Downloading pirate stuff such as music and movies is a little tricky. You need special software and sometimes you have to share. An online service that offer movies for $ 3-5 would be perfect for me. The service has no cost of labour and no rent, they just have to make sure they have the latest movies. Why does not all the traditional movie rental stores use their trademark to establish themselves on Internet?

Many cinemas has realized the changing enviroment and is now focusing on a differnet concept which I like a lot. In Gothenburg there is a cinema opening up. They have a simple beutiful idea. Instead of letting the customer out the back way as traditional cinemas they let them out in the front, where they have a cafe and restaurant so you can stay and discuss the movie.

This is innovation and adapting to a changing world. I wold like to see more of this from movie rental stores and music stores. Brand is worth a lot, use your existing to establish yourself on Internet so you can keep your loyal customers, otherwise they will go somewhere else.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Businessmodels in a changing world”

  1. Haha, interesting about the cinema in Gothenburg. Here in Malta they have always done it this way – simply because there is usually no space to let people out from the back – the buildings are literally clustered together and more often than not the three other sides of the building are adjacent to something else. šŸ™‚ What we don’t have in Malta is a cafe in the cinema hall. But it wouldn’t work here anyway, with the amount of cafes everywhere!

  2. hello, good idea…

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