Google and Microsoft

I listen to Buzz Out Loud every day when i run my bicycle. It is a great show and it is interesting to hear how they position themselves towards certain companies. Google is often connected to evil and Microsoft is just bad. A few days ago it was a very interesting story how Google was building a large structre of servers that many believes will be part of Googles own Internet. An interesting thought and in fact in line with what they are able to do. The dominance on Internet is of course a privacy risk. There was at first a discussion with Gmail but it soon dried out and now few thinks about it. But if you really think about all their services you realise they collect a lot of data and information about all your habits. Microsoft had this problem with .net passport and now with their Genuine Advantage that only enables original copies of Windows OS to be updated, no pirate copies. But what people claim to be concerned about is that Genuine Advantage keep communcating with Microsoft servers, sending information from your computer.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 20, 2006.

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