Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Lately, words such as entrepreneur and innovation has become very common in Swedish news and discussions. Old large Swedish companies are leaving and few new ones are started. Apart from creating an environment where companies want to stay, one solution is to encourage entrepreneurship, the practice of starting new organisations. This is of course not an easy task and it is done by a team of entrepreneurs who complement each others, and people connected to them such as specialists and advisors. The entrepreneur is a person who believes in the idea and its business opportunities, and is willing to accept a high level of financial and personal risk. A startup venture is seldom profitable from the start so venture capital or angel funding needs to be found.

Starting up a company is no easy task and one has to be prepared to invest a lot of time. From here comes the personal risk involving relationships and friends which often becomes neglected. But despite this, it is an amazing experience. Work hard is not difficult when it is someting you believe in, and when you do it with competent people with the same belief you feel that you really can change the world.

I am 24 years old, a student, and spends my summer just working with MindValue every day, without any compensation. I take my bicycle every morning for 30 minutes to save money and work part-time on saturdays to get extra money. And I still do it, not regreting anything. This is an opportunity and I am willing to sacrifice to win in the long run.

~ by Andreas Sigurdsson on July 20, 2006.

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